Getting Started

What all does a WOD (workout of the day) entail?

The “WOD” is led by a NEO CrossFit coach, who reviews the movements that will be performed during the workout, then keeps a watchful eye on each of the athletes in the class. The WODs are done in a group setting and you will never be left alone during a workout. The coaching staff keeps an encouraging presence throughout the entire WOD.

Am I going to be the only one not “in shape”?

Absolutely not, this is the reason we all show up to train every day! We all want to work on our fitness. You don’t have to have any kind of fitness background, be familiar with CrossFit, or “get in shape” to start.  Anyone, regardless of fitness level, skill, gender and/or age can learn and excel at CrossFit.

Why are the workouts done in groups?

CrossFit is a community and the athletes at NEO CrossFit are all a part of this community. During the workouts, we encourage and quite frankly, EXPECT, that each athlete supports one another during the workouts. It’s typical to find that not only do you have your CrossFit coach pushing you through a workout, but also your fellow CrossFitters will be encouraging you as well.

What if I don’t know what the workout is or it looks too hard?

Show up anyway!  The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that everything is scaleable to your abilities and fitness level!   Before you begin taking CrossFit classes, it is strongly suggested that you attend and complete the five week onramp class aka beginners class.  During the beginner class we will teach you how to properly, affectively, and safely do CrossFit movements as well as teach you the fundamentals.

How often should I train in one of the classes?

We recommend a schedule of three to five days per week. That means, you should listen to your body, if you are just starting out and train every other day and then build up to five or six days per week just be sure to take recovery time when needed.

I’ve head of people competing in CrossFit. Do I have to?

No most CrossFitters do not compete but we encourage anyone that wants to, compete to go for it!  Each year there is a sectionals competition in which CrossFitters compete for a spot in the Regionals. If the athlete advances from the Regionals, they will compete at the annual CrossFit Games held in Southern California. The CrossFit Games involve CrossFit athletes from all around the globe. In fact, the CrossFit Games slogan is “The ultimate proving grounds of the world’s fittest athletes.”

Can I try it?

Yes. We encourage anyone new to CrossFit or new to NEO CrossFit to try us for free. Participation and first-hand experience are a must when it comes to CrossFit. There is no better way to find out if CrossFit training is right for you, than to observe and participate in CrossFit with the hands-on instruction of a CrossFit coach. If you are interested in a free trial training session, please call or send us an email.

Drop-In Policy

If you are visiting North East Ohio and have CrossFit experience at another CrossFit affiliate, you are welcome to join us for a WOD. Our drop-in rate is $20 per session. We do request that you call or send an email to let us know you will be coming. Sometimes we hold special events or have adjusted hours and we want to be sure you are informed of this.