Success Stories

My name is Jessica and I have been an active member since July 2012, and a Level 1 coach since May 2015.  I was training for the firefighter combat challenge and someone I knew told me to check it out; Neo Crossfit was just opening.   When I graduated high school my dream was to become a full time firefighter/paramedic.  I went to school got some part time jobs then went to nursing school.  There I lost a lot of physical fitness and needed a workout to get back to my true dream of firefighting.  I have tried the Beachbody workouts (P90X and Insanity) and global gyms but they just did not keep me motivated.  Then when I first walked into Neo.  I was in frumpy cloths and thinking “oh my goodness what did I get myself into”.  I have never been an athlete or in a gym like that before.  We started the workout and I was hooked.  This is for me…  In the last few years I increased my one rep deadlift from 185lbs to 285lbs, back squat went from 140lbs to 230lbs and now can perform pull ups; and this fall I passed the firefighting combat challenge; I have not passed that test in 9 years.   This allowed me to obtain my dream job; I am now a full time career firefighter/paramedic. I have gained so many good friends and relationships.  I have never been much of an athlete, and now I feel fit and proud and part of a team.   I am now proud to teach my knowledge to you.  It is not just about the physical abilities, it is about knowing there are no limits and boundaries.

Jess Horvath