Coach Margaret “MGT”

Owner/Level 1 CrossFit coach, CrossFit mobility, CrossFit rowing

Hi, my name is Margaret Lalka and I took over NEO CrossFit May of 2014. Owning my own CrossFit box is a dream come true and I love what I do! I started out at a young age playing soccer and continued playing into College. After College I found myself working long hours and fitness was no longer a priority UNTIL I found NEO CrossFit! I never lasted long at your typical global gym because my performance would always peak making the results of my efforts less than average. After my first workout at NEO I knew it was exactly what I was looking for and I no longer had any excuses to use so I signed up that day! It forever changed my life. Not only am I physically stronger but I am mentally stronger as well. I completed my CrossFit level 1 certification in February of 2014 and took over NEO in May and haven’t looked back since. In addition to my level 1 cert I also have the CrossFit mobility certification and the CrossFit rowing certification. My quest for more knowledge never stops and I continue to travel to work and learn from former Olympians, long time weightlifters and anyone who will help me become a better CrossFit coach. I look forward to helping others grow as athletes and humans as I grow as a human and coach. NEO CrossFit truly is a family, don’t be intimidated come give us a try! You will quickly learn that at NEO the members and coaches welcome you with open arms and will continually encourage you to be the best you can possibly be.

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